Beer Board

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The Beer Board consists of five members including the Mayor or his appointee and four citizens. The members for this board are appointed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to serve two-year terms. This board regulates the selling, storing for sale, distributing for sale, and manufacturing of beer within the City.

Please review the Application Process if you are considering applying for a beer and/or liquor permit. Also, please refer to our frequently asked questions section which contains additional information regarding the process.



The Beer Board meets on an as-needed basis and are typically held on the 1st Tuesday of the month. The meetings are held at the Billy S. Hobbs Municipal Center located at 105 College Street at 7:00 pm. All meetings are advertised and open to the public.


Members and Term Expirations

With Term - Alderman Farris Bibb

June 2021 - Kellye Smith

June 2021 - Dave Paltzik

June 2020 - Denis Godek

With Term - John Corbitt