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Another method the Fire Department uses to serve and protect the citizens of White House is to educate as many people as possible. Education leads to prevention, and prevention will save lives.

The Fire Department participates in and conducts the following educational programs:

CPR Training

Our department is privileged to have a CPR Instructor. Limited CPR classes are taught by our instructor. Demonstrations can be performed for organizations in the city by calling the Fire Department.

Safety Day

The department participates in the annual White House Public Safety Day. This event brings local Fire, Police, EMS, and various other agencies together. The day enables the citizens of White House to meet the members of the departments, familiarize them with the equipment, and participate in bike rodeos, fire extinguisher demonstrations, and various other activities. There are fire engines, police vehicles, helicopters, and other pieces of equipment available for hands-on demonstrations.

Risk Watch

Risk Watch is the first comprehensive injury prevention program available for use in schools. Developed by NFPA and in collaboration with a panel of repected safety and injury prevention experts, Risk Watch gives children and their families the skills and knowledge they need to create safer homes and communities.

Risk Watch is a school-based curriculum that links teachers with community safety experts and parents. The curriculum is divided into four age-appropriate teaching modules (Pre-K/Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3) each of which addresses the following topics:

  • Motor vehicle safety
  • Fire and burn prevention
  • Choking, suffocation, and strangulation prevention
  • Poisoning prevention
  • Falls prevention
  • Firearms injury prevention
  • Bike and pedestrian safety
  • Water safety

Each month firefighters teach the risk watch safety curriculum to all 1st grade students in H.B. Williams, R.F. Woodall, and Christian Community Schools.

Career Day
Members of the White House Fire Department participate in Career Day annually at the local schools. We hope that participation in this program will inspire young people to choose the Fire Service as a profession. An attempt is made to present the pros and cons of the Fire Service.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Members of the department will come to your facility or group meeting to demonstrate fire extinguisher use and answer your questions about them.

Blood Pressure Checks

We welcome citizens stopping by to have their blood pressure checked. Irregular blood pressure can be a serious health problem that, with medication, is treatable. We want every citizen to be aware of his/her blood pressure and welcome your visit. 

Explorer Post

The U.S. Fire Administration has joined the National Exploring Division, Boy Scouts of America (BSA), to promote the organization of fire service Explorer posts. The purpose is to provide opportunities and encouragement for young men and women, ages 14 - 20, to learn about the fire service as a vocation or avocation. Fire Exploring gives young people valuable insight into the fire fighting profession.

This insight will allow the individual to decide whether or not he/she desires to pursue a greater role in the fire service. By participating in the Fire Exploring program, the individual will gain a greater awareness of personal and fire safety. The White House Fire Department is proud to host a Boy Scouts of America Fire Explorer Post.

There is a Captain assigned to oversee the program. He/She is in charge of the Post and it's functions. The Post falls under the Rules & Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America and any rules and regulations this department sets forth. This is a wonderful program to help teach our young people in our community about the fire service.

Station Tours

We always welcome people into our station to see what it is like to be a firefighter in White House. We conduct station tours during normal business hours (7:15 am - 5:15 pm). If you would like to tour the station just stop by the station located at 120 Business Park Drive, or e-mail us.

National Child Passenger Safety Certification

Safe kids worldwide is a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children, the number one killer of kids in the United States.. Around the world, a child dies from an unintentional injury every 30 seconds. And millions of children are injured in ways that can affect them for a lifetime.

Safe Kids works with an extensive network of more than 400 coalitions in the United States and partners with organizations in 25 countries around the world to reduce injuries from motor vehicles, sports, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more. Since 1988, when Safe Kids was founded by Dr. Marty Eichelberger of the Children’s National Health System with support from founding sponsor, Johnson & Johnson, there has been a 60 percent decrease in the unintentional injury rate among children 19 years and younger.

The National Child Passenger Certification Training Program certifies people as child passenger safety technicians and instructors. Since the program began in 1997, more than 126,000 people have completed training and been certified as child passenger safety (CPS) technicians. They come from hospitals, police departments, fire departments, health departments, and traffic safety advocates like AAA. Many technicians are parents, many are volunteers, but they all have one thing in common: They care deeply about kids and want to make sure they’re safe. CPS technicians and instructors put their knowledge to work by conducting child safety seat checks, where parents and caregivers receive hands-on assistance with proper use of child restraint systems and safety belts.

Our Department currently has three certified technicians available to provide child safety seat checks at 120 Business Park Dr. Fire Station 2 during normal business hours 7:15am – 5:15pm.