White House Greenway (Map)

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   Divided into four phases for development purposes, the White House Greenway encompasses several different land uses.  Along the different phases are developed properties consisting of retail businesses, residences, and agricultural uses, as well as undeveloped areas that are heavily wooded.  Much of the greenway passes through wooded flood plains following Honey Run Creek and its various branches.  People can enjoy the trail by walking, jogging, running, biking, or roller-blading.  The greenway currently covers exactly 3.5 miles.  Federal grants covered most of the cost, which is expected to exceed $4 million.  This addition gives residents and visitors alike a chance to enjoy the beauty of White House.

Trailheads and Location

There are four total trailheads for the existing portion of the Greenway.  These trailheads provide parking areas and entryways onto the greenway.  Two trailheads are located on US Highway 31W, while one is at the Municipal Park and the fourth is at White House High School at Meadows Road/Tyree Springs Road.  Currently 3.5 miles are completed and are the eastern half of the loop from the Municipal Park to US Highway 31W south of the city to US Highway 31W on the north side.  Map


This program gives citizens and organizations an opportunity to volunteer their time by providing litter control along portions of the Greenway.  Contact the Parks and Recreation Department regarding the Adopt-a-Trail Program and to receive an application and safety guide.

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