Advisory Boards and Commissions

Apart from the governing body of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, the City of White House has eight sub-boards and commissions. These boards and comissions can provide recommendations to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen regarding certain issues, oversee the direction and administration of city facilities, issue permits, or review decisions made by other boards. Each board and commission is provided with certain powers and responsibilities that are outlined by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen either by resolution or ordinance.


Member Information

Board members may be appointed by the Mayor or may require approval from the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. This is determined by the ordinance or resolution that details the responsibilities of each board. Each June, terms for seats on many of the boards and commissions expire. The expiration dates are staggered so that only one or two seats from each board expire each year.


Appointment to a City Board 
To be considered for appointment to a city board, please download and print the application form. This application form should be completed in its entirety and returned to the City Administrators office. 


When a position on a board or committee becomes open, completed application forms are forwarded to the Mayor and Board for consideration. Those citizens who are appointed will be notified by mail, while applications for those not appointed are kept on file in case of future openings. 


Advisory Boards and Commissions
A list of the city’s boards and commissions are below. Each one links to detailed information about that board, including current members and the term of their seat.